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CR Advocates LLP is a premier business law firm specializing in commercial, cross-border, and corporate law in Kenya. Our team of exceptional corporate commercial lawyers provides practical, proactive, and commercially-focused advice on corporate commercial matters. Our expertise spans various corporate law transactions, like business establishments in Kenya,such as private and public companies, partnerships, trusts, societies, local and international foundations, as well as NGOs.

We assist startup and established entrepreneurs worldwide in bringing their business visions to life in Kenya.

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Specializing in launching businesses—public and private limited companies, LLCs, and nonprofits. Legal experts make it easy, turning your business dreams into reality, step by step.

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We can simplify your journey into entrepreneurship. With 20 years of experience, our expertise spans various business structures, helping successful business owners in Kenya.

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20+ years of legal expertise. CR Advocate: Award-winning firm, honored with SME Law of the Year at Nairobi Legal Awards 2022. Choose us for seasoned expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

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Register Your Business Name

Registering your business name is crucial for legal compliance, branding, and credibility

Private Limited Company

Suited for non-profit ventures that require a legal entity without share capital.

A Company Limited Guarantee

Secure your business with a Company Limited by Guarantee—ensuring limited financial commitment

Public Limited Company Registration

Establishing a Public Limited Company (PLC) involves creating a business entity with shares traded publicly on the stock exchange, enabling broad ownership and capital acquisition.

Non Profit Organization

A Nonprofit Organization is a legal entity formed for a social cause, directing surplus funds toward its mission and operating for the public benefit, enjoying income tax exemption.

Limited Liability Partnerships

Combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefit of limited liability for its members, protecting personal assets.

Business Protection Services.

Trade Mark Registration & Protection

Assisting business in securing their brand identity through trade mark registration and protection

Business Address

Providing a professional business address for client correspondence and legal documentation.

Company Secretarial Services

We offer services to handle annual returns, statutory records maintenance, and compliance with corporate governance.

Consultation on Business Setup Requirements

Business Setup Consultation: Expert guidance for compliant and successful establishment. Assistance with registrations, permits, and tailored strategic planning.

Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder Agreement: Define ownership, decision-making, and dispute rules for business protection. Let our legal professionals customize based on your business needs.

Business Bank Account opening

Open a Business Bank Account: Establish a dedicated account for financial separation and smooth operations. Ensure compliance with bank requirements and legal regulations.

Vetted Local Nominee for foreign businesses

Vetted Local Nominee services for foreign businesses involve selecting a trusted representative in the host country, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and facilitating smooth operations by navigating cultural and legal nuances. We can serve as a reliable local point of contact for your foreign business.

Detailed Industry Legal Opinion

A Detailed Industry Legal Opinion provides a comprehensive analysis of legal aspects specific to your industry, offering insights and guidance on regulatory compliance, risks, and best practices. It will aid your business in making informed decisions aligned with your industry's legal requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of business can I register?

Starting a business in Kenya opens up a world of possibilities with various business structures tailored to your needs. Whether you're flying solo or planning to expand globally, there's an option just for you. You can opt for:

Sole Proprietorships: Ideal for individual entrepreneurs looking to run a business under their own name.

Private Company Limited by Shares: Perfect for businesses that plan to issue shares and have shareholders.

Private Company Limited by Guarantee: Suited for non-profit ventures that require a legal entity without share capital.

Partnerships: Great for two or more individuals who want to share ownership and responsibilities.

Limited Liability Partnerships: Combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefit of limited liability for its members, protecting personal assets.

Branch of a Foreign Company or Subsidiary: For international businesses aiming to establish a presence in Kenya without forming a separate legal entity.

Foreign Company: If you're based outside Kenya but want to operate within the country.

Each business type has its unique advantages and requirements, tailored to different entrepreneurial needs and growth plans. Choose the one that aligns with your vision and objectives for a solid foundation in Kenya's dynamic market.

2. Can individuals who are not Kenyan citizens participate in business ventures within the country?

Absolutely! Kenya welcomes international entrepreneurs and investors with open arms. If you're not a Kenyan citizen but are interested in entering into the business opportunities Kenya has to offer, you're in luck. The country's regulations permit foreigners to register and run businesses, provided they adhere to specific industry or sector laws and guidelines. Whether you're looking to start anew or expand your current venture, understanding these requirements can be straightforward with the right support. At CR Advocates LLP, we specialize in assisting foreign businesses with their registration and legal needs, ensuring you're set up for success from day one. Explore the potential of Kenya's vibrant market with confidence, knowing you have expert guidance every step of the way.

3. How do I minimize Legal Liabilities and protect my business?

Protecting your business from legal troubles is crucial for its success and peace of mind. The key to minimizing legal liabilities starts with a thorough legal compliance audit. This process involves checking how well your business adheres to laws, regulations, and internal policies specific to your industry and operations. It's about making sure you're following the rules and using best practices to safeguard your business.

At CR Advocates LLP, we specialize in guiding businesses through this process. Our team of certified legal compliance and governance auditors will assess your compliance levels, helping you understand where you stand. We'll work with you to develop a customized compliance checklist, acting as your daily guide to ensure you're always on the right side of the law. By staying compliant, you not only protect your business but also position it for sustainable growth and success. Let us help you succeed the complexities of legal compliance with ease.

4. Can a business dispute be settled without involving the court?

Absolutely! Resolving a business dispute doesn't always mean having to go through the lengthy and often costly court process. There are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that can help you find a solution outside of court. These methods include mediation, where a neutral third party helps both sides come to an agreement, and arbitration, which is a bit more formal but still avoids the court system.

At CR Advocates LLP, our commercial lawyers are not just experts in their field; they're also certified mediators. They specialize in helping parties involved in a dispute come to a mutually acceptable compromise. This approach not only saves you from the potential reputational damage and high costs associated with court battles but also helps preserve business relationships. Let us help you navigate through disputes with confidentiality, efficiency, and a focus on preserving your business's integrity and relationships.

5. Can I turn my local business to an international corporation?

Yes, you can elevate your local business to the global stage! Transforming your business into an international corporation involves expanding your operations beyond borders, engaging in international trade, and exploring collaborative opportunities like mergers and acquisitions. This journey towards internationalization opens up a world of possibilities, from accessing new markets to tapping into global talent pools.

At CR Advocates LLP, we're here to guide you through this exciting transition. Our team can provide the legal expertise you need to understand the complicated international business laws, ensuring your expansion is smooth and compliant. Whether you're looking to export your products, set up overseas operations, or join forces with foreign companies, we have the insights and support to help you succeed on the international stage. Let's make your global business ambitions a reality.

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