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At Consumer Rights Advocates, our attorneys have many years of experience successfully representing clients in a variety of legal issues, including credit problems. There are more than 100 laws that apply to the credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

These private companies control computers that store information about you from banks, courthouse records, finance companies and others. They share this information about you with other financial institutions for a fee. They do this without your permission and you often don't find out there is a problem until others view the information when you apply for credit. It has been found that more than 50% of all credit reports have negative information that shouldn't be there.

The reporting companies make huge profits from selling your credit information. The credit laws were written to ensure that information they report is accurate and gathered according to certain rules. To be aware of all of these laws and then enforce them on the credit reporting bureaus is a difficult task for the average consumer.

Through careful study and application of these laws to the credit reporting agencies, we remove negative items from consumer credit reports. We have found that most individuals don't know how to confront the credit bureaus legally when they ignore the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can now control what is on your credit reports and force the credit bureaus, financial institutions, and collectors to change the information on your credit files. Using our knowledge of the law, our attorneys will make the credit bureaus document anything they say about you that you wish to challenge.

You can have the potential for an excellent credit rating in matter of months...not years!

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