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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit" ..... Aristotle

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Consumer Rights Advocates a Law Firm?

No. Consumer Rights Advocates is not a Law Firm, but is a liscensed and bonded credit repair organization. However, CRA has retained a law firm for more difficult cases that may require additional attention. This Law Firm has 8 years of experience with an excellent track record of success. In addition, the Law Firm can perform other essential services related to credit such as Debt Settlement and can directly contact debt collectors, collection agencies, banks, credit card companies and other business entities that report information to the credit bureaus.

2. What are the advantages of using CRA?

Laws have been written to protect your credit rights, however they are often ignored unless credit bureaus are forced to follow them. Consumers don't have the knowledge or position to get the companies to follow the laws closely. We can make these institutions obey the guidelines that our government has written for your protection.

3. How long does the process take?

When we receive your credit reports, the attorney prepares legal challenges which go to the bureaus. The investigations by the bureaus take 30 days from the time they are received by the bureau and they will notify you directly of their findings. You forward those results to us and the attorney will then make a determination of further legal demands to creditors. The entire procedure will take 9 to 12 months, but you will see positive results in as little as 60 - 90 days.

4. Will you really be able to get my credit clear?

Through years of experience in dealing with the credit bureaus, financial institutions and collection agencies, we have developed relationships with these groups that enable us to get things done. They have learned that we know the credit laws and can enforce those laws for our clients. The credit bureaus don't want to be fined for not following these credit laws and the banks and collection agencies can also be fined or put out of business if they are caught violating consumers' rights. Through diligent follow up, these groups have learned that we will enforce the law and their business can suffer greatly if they ignore our demands.

5. What if you don't get every last negative item off?

We have had excellent success in deleting negative credit from our clients' credit reports. We use every legal remedy available under the law on your behalf. No one can honestly guarantee you that every negative item will be removed. If that were possible, consumers would never have to be concerned about maintaining good credit again.

6. How are you able to get negative credit removed?

The credit bureaus and financial institutions must comply with over 200 legal provisions when reporting information on your credit reports. They commonly fail to follow The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When this happens, we demand the removal information that was illegally added to your credit reports. When the credit bureaus and creditors realize that they have been caught violating these laws, they would rather change the information on your reports than risk a lawsuit or a fine.

7. Will my credit report improve?

Yes. Our experience includes knowledge of lots of factors that lenders look at when making credit decisions. We use that experience to ensure your reports are presented in the best possible light.

8. I have a bankruptcy and other derogatory public records. Can they also be removed?

Our legal staff deletes items such as bankruptcies, judgments, or tax liens quite frequently. Over 80% of Bankruptcies contain incorrect or inaccurate information. Frequently, financial institutions do not have the proper documentation and information available to verify the existence of these items under current credit law statutes.

9. Can you also remove student loans, medical bills, late mortgage payments, charge-offs, repossessions, foreclosures or inquiries?

We have had good success in removing any type of negative credit from our clients' reports. After studying each item and its reporting criteria, we follow time-tested strategies that require the reporting entity to check facts and present verifiable proof on any derogatory item entered into your file. The law requires them to do so. Most creditors do not maintain records which substantially conform to the legal criteria required. When they fail to present the adequate back up, they must delete the item. Our staff will follow up with the reporting agencies to make sure they do not avoid these legal requirements.

10. The Credit Bureaus say that I can do this myself. Is this true?

Yes, you have the right and priviledge to do this yourself, just as it is your right to represent yourselft in court. However, the Credit Bureaus know that the average consumer does not know the laws governing this process or comprehend the amount of time and determination it will take. The vast majority of our clients are consumers who have attempted to do this on their own and could not achieve the desired results.

The Credit Bureaus know that when your attorney presents these challenges, they must act or suffer the consequences of a lawsuit. In addition, you should understand that the Credit Bureaus would prefer to discourage you from using this legal process because they know we are determined to get our job done, which forces them to take the time to do their job....and ulitmately costs them money.

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