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Credit Restoration Details
How it works
What you can expect
Costs / Fees


Cost Breakdown
$75 Application and case assessment fee
$75 Fee for work completed each month
A three-bureau credit report is required to evaluate your case. If you have obtained one within the last 4 weeks, you may forward it, otherwise, you will need to order a current credit report. After you sign-up, we will give you specific details of how to do this. If you have been denied credit, you may request your credit reports at no cost from the bureaus.

Compare those minor costs to what poor credit costs you monthly if you own a car or home. A poor credit rating severely limits your borrowing power that can easily cost you more on a monthly basis than our service. Here are two conservative examples of what may be happening to you every month.

Home Loan
Credit Standing
Interest Rate
Cost of Bad
Credit Monthly
Total Cost of
Bad Credit
Good Credit 5.75% $700.00 $0 $0
Slightly Damaged 8% $881 $181.00 $65,160
Damaged 12% $1,234 $534 $192,240
(Based on 30 year, $120,000 loan, $0 Down)

Car Loan
Credit Standing
Interest Rate
Cost of Bad
Credit Monthly
Totoal Cost of
Bad Credit
Good Credit *5.75% $288.25 $0 $0
Slightly Damaged 12% $333.67 $45.42 $3,948
Damaged 20% $397.41 $109.16 $7,772.40
(Based on 5 year, $15,000 loan, $0 Down)
*(Some dealers are currently offering 0%)

By signing up now, you will save thousands of dollars in interests fees. Our program pays for itself.

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